Monday, December 19, 2011

café à la mode

Crappy coffee, jizm salat, and cliché hash browns aside, café a la mode delivers on the commode!  Good lighting and a warm wooden interior buffet against the poor pop radio musings like an ulcer on the gustatory aesthetics of the food to mouth paradigm here in Taiwan.  Enough fluff, let's move on to your rectum.

This little stencil says it all really.  Missing the point.  Being useless.  It's all just a shadow of the of the dimensionless reality that springs up in the nether regions of time-space and your continuing um refrain.  Upon paying an overpriced bill, I could only respond to the owner's question, "How was everything, sir?" with a glance askance at an almost untouched omelet, virgin bowl of salad, and jilted coffee cup.  "Um..."

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