Monday, March 9, 2015

Coffee Alley

Get past the wasted hips of stirring hipsters poised like paparazzi over Oreo milkshakes and ornate tea concoctions, Cofee Alley is the kind of place that makes you regret not having diarrhea, opium grade constipation, or at least a weekend edition of the Financial Times.

Like a Chinese push-up bra, Coffee Alley does a lot with ever so little.  The space is sparse, but not cramped.  The wooden tones say you're on Earth, but the toilets are from Outer Space!  Motion-sensor auto seat cleaner, two-ply paper, optional urinal with self-closing cover make it a sanctuary of privacy in a boxcar of hobos.

Situated on the hip nip of the trendy areola of Da'An district, where a sortie of cafes and alleys proffer foo-foo desserts and libations, Coffee Alley is the perfect intersection of delicate problem and defecate solution.

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